Employment/Livelihoods program – Indirect beneficiaries

Indicator Phrasing

# of individuals indirectly benefiting from employment/livelihood program (e.g., other household members)

Indicator Phrasing

English: # of individuals indirectly benefiting from employment/livelihood program (e.g., other household members)

What is its purpose?

This indicator measures additional beneficiaries to employment/livelihood programs beyond targeted members. It is useful for CSOs aiming to measure their broader impact in a target community.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Calculation Method:

Count the total number of indirect participants impacted by employment program. This will provide details on how many indirect persons are assisted per participant and then this can be calculated into a total per employment program. If necessary, data can be collected on this indicator alongside other livelihoods indicators, or the data can be cross referenced with other livelihoods indicators to provide a more holistic picture of the outcomes of the livelihoods/employment project. 


Data Collection:

Data should be collected directly from participants. Information can be collected by asking the following questions*:

  • Are you supporting others on the income generated through your current employment/self-employment/trade?
  • How many people are you supporting on this income?
  • For each person, please provide
    • Age
    • Relation

*This indicator requires that you already establish that the direct participant has earned or is currently earning income based on the employment/livelihoods project. 



Disaggregate by

  • Type of employment/livelihood 
  • GESI characteristics of indirect participant (e.g. gender, disability, minority group, demographics, etc)
  • Connection to direct participant (family / community relation)


Note: You can choose any number of ways to disaggregate data if useful for your project, for example GESI-related disaggregation (disability, ethnicity, etc.).

Important Comments




Indirect Participants are members who are not a direct member of the employment program but have indirect benefits from the outputs. This may be children or other adult members of the households or economic unit.


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