Survey Design and Implementation

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IndiKit has prepared a range of practical tools to help you ensure a maximum quality of your survey designs and implementation, including checklists for managing surveys, brief guides, a sample size calculator and links to external resources. If you feel that an important resource is missing or if you have suggestions for improving the existing ones, please let us know by using the form at the bottom of this page.


Sample Size Calculator

Use IndiKit’s sample size calculator to determine the representative number of your survey’s respondents:

Rapid Guides

IndiKit’s Rapid Guides respond to aid workers’ demand for short and useful guidance on a range of survey-related topics.      

Practical Checklists

IndiKit’s survey checklists enable you to quickly assess whether you have omitted an important step in your survey design and implementation.


The Quality Improvement and Verification Checklists (QIVC) provided below focus on improving the quality of the data collector’s work. To see QIVC for other relief and development activities, click here. Use them only after 1) doing the useful video training on their use; and 2) training the data collectors on the points the checklists monitor.

Survey Methodology


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