Advocacy events - Hosted

Indicator Phrasing

# of events hosted with an advocacy objective

Indicator Phrasing

English: # of events hosted with an advocacy objective

What is its purpose?

This indicator refers to the total number of events a CSO hosts that are in line with their advocacy objective. This can be useful for measuring how many opportunities a CSO is creating to promote the advocacy objective. This is useful in line with other advocacy event indicators to measure network responsiveness.

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Calculation Method:

Count the number of events hosted with advocacy objective within the reporting period. 


Data Collection:

Records of events should be kept throughout project records. This could either be done in a form of online or physical database or thought maintaining details accurately on a calendar.

Information kept should include:


  • Title
  • Type
  • Date / timeframe
  • Objective
  • Key organisers
  • Attendees (see indicator on attendees)
  • Additional information: e.g., # participants; notes on impact, feedback, next steps, commitments, partnerships formed; key documents on activity organisation, etc.

Disaggregate by

  • Theme 
  • Type of event (webinars, workshop, training, etc.) 

Important Comments


Hosted means any event in which the organisation is a recognised host / co-host and has been involved with providing resources for the events. 


Advocacy event is a specific event held for influencing decisions within political, economic, and social institutions for an intended purpose.

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