Community trained in identification and referral

Indicator Phrasing

# of target communities trained in community identification and referral

Indicator Phrasing

English: # of target communities trained in community identification and referral

What is its purpose?

This indicator seeks to capture the number of communities with trained on identification and referral as a result of a project’s awareness-raising activities. This indicator can be used when a project is attempting to build capacity around community identification and referral across a larger geographical region (i.e., collection of villages, towns, or national coverage).

How to Collect and Analyse the Required Data

Calculation method:

  • Count the number of communities that have been trained on community identification and referral


Data Collection:

Data should be collected through simply counting the number of trainings that were completed in each community. However, the indicator should be substantiated through attendance sheets and project reports. Reports should capture how information was received and feedback on the sessions from community members.  


Attendance sheets should capture the number and type of participants, including GESI characteristics (when safe), whether the community member is a government official, and the number of survivors partaking (when safe).

Disaggregate by

  • Geographic Location
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